Codingate’s Exciting Partnership with Korea Software HRD Center To Empower Cambodian Software Developers

July 28, 2017 | Collaboration

On the 28th July 2017, Codingate had the delightful opportunity to sign an MOU with the Korea Software HRD Center. This partnership was made possible by the visionary Dr. Kim Tae-kyun, who has a strong belief and commitment in developing human resources in software development and technology in Cambodia, by Cambodians. This establishment of a partnership between Codingate and the Korea Software HRD Center is set to be a strong force in growing and empowering Cambodian youth in the tech industry. We are truly grateful for this partnership and the opportunities it will bring to our software developers.

The Korea Software HRD Center, with its expertise in software development training, will play a crucial role in this partnership. They will provide training programs, workshops, and seminars to Cambodian software developers, equipping them with the latest industry knowledge and skills. This will enable them to stay up to date with the ever-changing technological landscape and ensure their competitiveness in the global market.

The partnership between Codingate and the Korea Software HRD Center is not just about training and knowledge exchange. It is also about fostering a sense of community and collaboration among Cambodian software developers. Through this partnership, Codingate aims to create a supportive ecosystem where developers can connect, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. This will not only enhance their individual skills but also promote innovation and creativity within the industry.

In addition to training and collaboration, this partnership also aims to create job opportunities for Cambodian software developers. Codingate, with its extensive network of clients and partners, will actively seek out opportunities for Cambodian developers to work on international projects. This will not only provide them with valuable work experience but also expose them to different cultures and perspectives, further enriching their skills and knowledge.

Overall, the partnership between Codingate and the Korea Software HRD Center is an exciting development for the Cambodian tech industry. It represents a commitment to nurturing local talent, empowering Cambodian software developers, and positioning Cambodia as a hub for innovation and technological advancements. With the support of Dr. Kim Tae-kyun and the Korea Software HRD Center, Codingate is confident that this partnership will bring about positive change and contribute to the growth of the tech industry in Cambodia.

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