Codingate Founder, Mr. Sopheakmonkol Sok was invited to be a resource person to share his experience with Companies and NGOs

July 4, 2018 | NGO

International Visitors Leadership Program in the USA for three weeks in 4 states. The program focused on tech entrepreneurship and SME Development. 
How the USA develop technology from just small NGOs to giant companies like Google and Facebook. particularly social and digital media that’s the most effective way to share information in the current society. 
For Cambodian context, we are now at the turning point previously we use printed media to share information by which the production cost is high and get through long production chain too and on the other hand its overage areas (small impact) were small which was not cost-effective way of communication. The most important component of social media is tracking so as we can track if what we have been done, which topic, and contents are most effective and attractive. To this point creating an interesting content is the key for marketing, however we also need to know how effective it is, therefore we need a digital tracking to get feedback. 
Mr. Sopheakmonkol introduced a Codingate’s Facebook Insight Search Engine called BizDataGate created which is connected to Facebook, that’s all information publicly posted on Facebook can be gathered. For example if we wish to read any news that all Ministries in our country published or if we do a research regarding to educational sector in which who are the key players in educational system in Cambodia, we can gather all information in once place then we can track all updated information. Tracking and searching through social media is the most effective strategy.
Mr. Sopheakmonkol showed a Facebook-connected tool that Codingate had directly connected with Facebook Company enabling us to browse all information publicly posted on Facebook. The tool consists of pages, events, users, groups and this can be called a digital library in which we added as many pages as we need containing updated information we wish to know and follow up such as insurance companies, food and beverage industry. 
This tool is very useful for national and international potential entrepreneurs who wish to start up their business in Cambodia. They can search information and learn from others companies on how they develop and design marketing strategies and key marketing messages. He also instructed participants on how to browse information using key specific words to get the right and specific information avoiding getting too broad information and how to know who talk about what we had posted. To know how many audiences that our messaged reached, we don’t only just count number of Like or Share but how many people engaged. To engage more people with information posted on social media, we have to come up with strategic engagement approaches such as posing questions to audiences, framing attractive and useful messages and contents for targeted audiences.                              
To support NGOs’ research and development of the digital marketing, Codingate is provided to 3 months free access to BizDataGate all the NGOs who joined the sharing section. We believe that this tool will assist to NGOs to be more effective in their digital content plan and strategy.

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