Let Us Tell You About Codingate’s Journey…

Codingate was founded in May 2013 at SmallWorld in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  We focus on developing interactive web applications, design services, and social media marketing. The business idea came from a project called ‘Skill Exchange Laptop’. After Monkol and Rithy, the founder of Codingate, met some enthusiastic students who had a lot of technical skills and desire – but no laptops – they decided to start a project with students that develop technical solutions and in return do not ask for money, but for laptops. Within a few months, the team had what most start-ups take for granted: a room full of people able to program on their laptops. After this success story, they got investors on board and launched Codingate.
In less than a year, Codingate was an international start-up. The vision for Codingate continues to be focused on the team; “pool and leverage our collective genius to provide quality, easy-to-use software and marketing solutions giving our clients a cutting edge in the marketplace.” We envision a network of friends working together and supporting one another to create high-quality products.

We are eager to challenge ourselves as we continue to explore developing technologies while offering quality service and delivering innovative products which our clients appreciate. With interests in independent and innovative tech ventures, we look to open new opportunities for our clients, investors and partners.